Friday, December 11, 2009

Join Our Crusade!

Many mutated strains of bacteria can't be rubbed out with our best antibiotics. Lately , many people died of drinking water poisoned with the E-coli bacteria. They foretell that 50,000,000 folk will expire from an impending pandemic. Annually, more than 2,000,000 folks are diagnosed as having cancer or heart problems. The prevalence of diabetes is fast enlarging. Our immunity mechanism is more complicated than antibiotics or other kinds of drugs.

For millenia, humans have attempted to steer clear of germs. Thanks to a shortage of consistent exposure, our immunological defenses have grown "dumb. After more than 4 decades of research, the long asked for transfer factor has been isolated and removed for health purposes. Loads of research projects and clinical trials have produced a bio-active form of transfer factor. Strep Throat - is due to streptococcus micro-organism that's picked up thru an infected people cough or sneeze, once these droplets are breathed you've been exposed to the strep bacteria. Fever, arthritis, redness of the heart and joint agony are the commonest symptoms. Warm green tea is superb for sore throat relief and buttressing your immune mechanism. In my 30+ years in this industry, I have never seen a nutrient enter the market with so much science, trials, and research supporting its efficacy as does Transfer Factor. This info is moved to varied "combat" cells in the immunological system which will engage the "enemy. "This process is important in the struggle against illness. The struggle against illness is a race between the immune cells and the attackers.

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